Amir Baghiri is one of the top contemporary electronic music community's premier Rooms. Seele: Berlin (limited). Seele: Berlin (standart). Amir Baghiri Музыкант из Германии выпустивший уже 28 сольных альбомов . Прикрепления: jpeg( Kb) Expanding Rooms (). "Rooms" is an adventurous musical experience in the limitless area of sonic research. Limited to copies. 3-CD $ AMIR BAGHIRI "Bluebox Collection". about. Amir Baghiri creates deep, emotional, and spiritual soundscapes in his own studio -- Bluebox Recording, BMI -- in Lemgo, Germany. Amir Baghiri is one of the electronica and ambient music world's premier electro-tribal sound designers! With over 28 solo CDs, many collaborations with. Amir Baghiri - Rooms, Winterscape, Laudanum, Colours of the Caspian Sea, True North, Lucid Circles Aidan Baker - Body Cage Jeff Ball - Cedar Moon. Some examples of stencils in blasting include lettering on hard stone surfaces found in memorials, foundation stones of buildings, and gravestones. Amir Baghiri. 3 down. Taxi Stories. Jon Hansson. 3 down. Bumper To Bumper. Jens Scheuter. 3 down. Crossing Circles. Moritz Bintig, Shetty List. Trk, Song. 1, Timearrow. 2, Black Hole. 3, Expanding Rooms. 4, Killing Time (Psalm 90). 5, Memory of Lost Dimension. 6, Everything You See Is Already Past. Expanding Rooms Killing Time (psalm 90) Concept by Gabriele von Hardenberg & Amir Baghiri. Published by Amplexus-Arya.

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